All drivers must produce a valid driving license held for at least one year, as a valid passport or ID card.Photocopied licenses or licenses sent by fax are not acceptable.
Driver's age: Minimum driver's age is 21 years.
What's included:
-24 hours car rental
-Unlimited Mialage
-Equipment of the vehicle (depending on season)
-Third Part Liability
- CDW + TP insurance 
-Road tax for all roads in Bulgaria
-Second driver

- Included CDW+TP insurance in case the reservation comes trough the booking system of www.car1bg.com 
-20% VAT
-The car is being given cleaned and it is being received cleaned
Delivery and collection of the vehicle:
-Delivery and collection within the city free, outside working hours the company - 20 euros.
Additional equipment (only requested):
-Navigation system - 2 Euro per day, but not more that 20 Euro for the rental period
-Baby seat –  2 euro per day
-Snow chains – FREE
-Chauffeur driving service:
-Renting a vehicle with a driver on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria is 25 Euros per day for 8 hours per day. Traveling out of  Burgas the renter must pay the expenses for spending the night of the driver.
Method of payments:
-Credit Card – VISA, MasterCard 
-Debit card

Article 1. Lessee shall have legal and valid personal documents: passport / identity card, driving license and control stub. The permanent address of the renter must be present in one of those documents. Onlywritten in this contract parties (tenant and additional driver) can drive the vehicle. In case of management by another person not registered in the lease, the lessee bears the responsibility for the cost of the car and incurred additional costs regardless of the fees paid to discharge or additional coatings. 
Article 2. By signing,renter declares that he is licensed driver with a valid driving license, has all the necessary documents and relevant categories to drive the vehicle. The renter shall be obliged to obtain an international driver's license or a certified translation of the original driving license if it is issued by the state not signed the Vienna Convention on 11.08.1968 
Article 3. If the lease entered one or more additional drivers, they are jointly and severally liable with the one that is listed as a tenant. 
II. Adopted before VEHICLE 
Article 4. The car is given to the renter in good technical condition of equipment reflected in the transceiver protocol, an integral part of the contract under which conditions the return of the car. Lessee shall return the car with all the documents in place, which is specified in the contract within the agreed time and in the same condition. Upon conclusion of the contract,in the delivery protocol are recorded comments / if any / by appearance or interior of the vehicle. Upon returning the car after the order and in case of damage or loss,or in violation of the terms and conditions of the contract, they are paid by the renter in accordance with Article 28. 
Article 4.1. The car is transmitted washed and cleaned. If the renter returns the car dirty and unclean, he shall pay a fee for cleaning the car in the amount of 10 Euro. 
Article 5. Upon refusal of the renter to sign the acceptance protocol or upon returning the car, the protocol issigned unilaterally by the lessor and witness,attesting to the refusal by the findings in the protocol binding and the country refused to sign it and can be used as evidence in court. 
Art. 6. Lessor shall provide a replacement vehicle if the tenant wishes, within 3 working days in case of failure of the main one, due to a manufacturing defect or natural wear of a detail of the car if the damage occurred on the territory of Bulgaria. 
Article 7. When replacing the car,Lessor shall extend the contract at least as much time as was delayed by the provision of replacement vehicle. If the renter refuses,the replacement vehicle,for the payments made up to date, Art. 20 applies.
Article 8. Upon receiving thevehicle, theRenter provides the lessor with a deposit referred to,in this contract that ensures proper performance of the duties of renter contract and serves to compensate the lessor for damages tothe vehicle occurred during the contract. When returning the car by the Lessee,under fair use without damage and breakdowns deposit is refunded in full. 
Article 9. If the renter has not fulfilled any of its obligations and responsibilities under the contract, the Lessor is entitled to retain the entire deposit or such part of it, necessary to cover the costs of removing the damage suffered and for compensation for loss benefits. Forfeiture of the deposit by the lessor in the above cases does not cancel renter's responsibility for damages suffered by the Lessor in the amount exceeding the value of the deposit. 
Article 10. If the renter has provided debit or credit card data, and the deposit is authorized by it, it irrevocably and unconditionally consent Lessor,after if has mastered full deposit specified in the contract cases, even after its completion, to withdraw amounts in excess of the deposit by signing the authorization form laid in the first page of the lease, tobe considered passed and extracts POS-terminal. Lessor is not obligedto seek additional consent for additional payments by the cardholder at: 
1. Any breach of contract, which provided benefits and penalties; 
2. Collection of taxes that were not paid by the tenant; 
3.Additional costs the landlord incurred during the tenure of the vehicle by the renter - penalties for violation of traffic rules on the roads, shortages and damage to the car. 
Article 11. Failure to return the rented car by the Lessee for more than 24 hours from the time of return specified in the contract is considered embezzlement under the Criminal Code. In this case, Lessor shall notify the competent authorities of a crime, reserving all rights under this contract. The renter declares that he knows the following circumstances: 
1.The hired vehicle isnot his property; with this contract vehicle is given to keep and manage; The renter does not have the right to treat the vehicle as his own and  if he did, he answers in art. 206 of the Penal Code for possession. 
2.The RENTIERreserves the right to retake possession of the car, without notice, at any time and at expense of the renter if the vehicle is used by him in breach of this agreement. With theinstalled GPS tracking system on the vehicle, renter gives irrevocable consent for the landlord to retrieve data from it, in order to monitor for compliance with the clauses in this contract by the renter. 
Article 12. If the vehicle is equipped with GPS-positioning system and remote shutdown of the ignition, theLANDLORD can block starting of the engine in case of: 
1.Crossborder with a country which is not granted by the owner to drive vehicle to; 
3.Riskydriving and exceeding the maximum speedlimit with30 kilometers per hour or more; 
4.Renter didnot paid the amounts due,under the signed lease in the specified date; 
5. Did not returned the vehiclein accordance with the signed lease and continues to rule the car without the right, i.e. the car is obsessed. 
III.PRICES, PAYMENT METHODArticle 13. The full rental price of the car must be paid by the renter or the additional driver,at the time of receipt of the car and signing the acceptance protocol. The deposit must be submitted by wire transfer from a bank account of the renter bank account,to the lessor or authorization on a credit card in the name of the renter or the additional driver. The credit card must be valid for the entire period of the lease. The renter can provide a cash deposit only for certain classes of vehicle with the express consent of the Lessor, but in this case, the deposit is doubled. The amount of cash is stored for safekeeping in an office of the landlord. 
Article 14. Traffic accidents, damage or theft of the vehicle does not recover the amounts paid under the lease. 
Article 15. The rental price does not include fuel. Upon returning the car with empty petrol tank, renter pays the full amount of missing fuel and a fee of 20 Euro. 
Article 16. Upon delivery of replacement vehicle incase ofaccident, damage or theft of the car enlisted in themain contract,renter pays the full cost of delivery of the replacement vehicle. 
Article 17. The rental price does not include fines and penalties imposed for non-compliance with the Law on Road Traffic of the Republic of Bulgaria or other regulations. 
Article 18. If the renter wishes to extend the term of the contract, he must declare it in writing at least 48 hours before the expiry of the contract. The renter may extend the term of the contract, respectively, using the car,only bywritten confirmation by the lessor and  must pay the lessor the  extension of  the rental period,before the primary lease expires.
Article 19. If the renter has not received written confirmation from the lessor to extend the term of the contract and prolong thereturn of the car, he owes the following penalties: up to four hours - one day rental price; from 4 to 8 hours - two daily-rental prices; 8 hours - three-day rental prices in current price list at the office of the landlord. Each subsequent day after the first, ispaid threefold until the final return of the vehicle to the lessor. 
Article 20. If the renter returns the car before the expiry of the contract, it does not receive compensation or compensation for unused days to the end of the contract. 
Article 21. If byhiring of the car,renter has paid the fee "Prepaid fuel" and return the car to any portion of this fuel, the lessor does not owe refund for unused fuel. 
Article 22. In case there are daily kilometers limit stated in the contract, then upon returning the car renter charges stats kilometers at a price described in the acceptance protocol. 
Article 23. Lessee shall: 
1. To use the vehicle appropriately, to manage and operate with due diligence, observing Bulgarian traffic law. 
2. Store away the key, remote alarm and registration certificate of the vehicle and do not leave them in the car at his departure, and unattended locations where they can be stolen. 
3. Upon the occurrence of an accident (RTA) damage or failure,to undertake all necessary measures to rescue, limit and / or reduce the damage tothe vehicle. 
4. To pay administrative fees specified in Art. 30 and Art. 31 of the General Terms nad Conditions in the event,that there areconditions for payment. 
5. In case of immobilizationfrom the MOI of the vehicle,subject to the lease, by fault of the tenant, the tenantis obliged to pay rent forthedays that the vehicle was decommissioned plus an administrative fee of 200 Euros. 
6. In case of accident, theft, damage, accident or any incident concerning the vehicle to meet the requirements of Traffic lawand its Implementing Regulations to compile the reports and other documents issued by the Police / Trafficpolice/. Upon the occurrence of damage / accident or theft, renter must immediately inform the owner about this, said all the facts, circumstances and data / names of witnesses and others. / In relation to it, and to cooperate fully with the Police / Traffic Police/ for the issue of road accident, which is obliged to deliver to the lessor within 3 days of the event occurringdate. No later than 5 days after the event and provide the vehicle for inspection and photos from the insurance company. To cooperate fully with the lessor and the insurance company to clarify the incident and the damages. 
7. The renter may not leave the border of Bulgaria with the vehicle without explicitly authorized to do so in a separate attorney. In violation renter has to pay compensation amounting to 500 Euros. In an action by third parties against the lessor for the period of unauthorized exit of the vehicle outside the borders of Bulgaria, renter carries the financial liability for culpable damages. Any additional insurance or taxespaid by the renter,in this case are invalid and he is fully responsible. 
8. In case of accident or damage, whatever the cause of the event, whether the renter is guilty or not, Lessee shall pay all costs of the movement of the vehicle to the officeof thelandlord. 
9. In case of accident or damage outside of the Republic of Bulgaria, regardless of the cause of the event, whether the renter is guilty or not, to cover all costs of the movement of the vehicle to the office of the landlord. 
10. To notify the LANDLORD with written notice at least 48 hours’ prior notice, whether the tenant wants to return the vehicle before or after the specified time in the contract. 
11. To cover all expenses incurred by the lessor in connection with the return of the vehicle in space or time other than that mentioned in the contract. 
Article 24. The renter is responsible to the deposit amount in case oftraffic accidents, damage or theft,if additional fee is not paidunder Art. 29.1, Traffic law is obliged,and doesnot meet some of the hypotheses of Article 25. 
Article 25. The renter bears full liability for compensation to the lessor fully for damages and lost profits,calculated in accordance with Article 28 in the following cases: 
1. Accident or damage attributable to the renter, including the "mutual fault." 
2. Theft of parts of the vehicle and its equipment, the lack of detail or lack of providedsnow chains, routers, child seats, ski rack and other similar extra equipment or accessories. 
3. Аccidents, damage, theft, fire or glass breaking and lack of Service Agreement or certificate from the Police / Traffic Police/. 
4. Damages and losses occurred as a result of driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants, as well as providing cars to a third person who is not authorized in the contract or without a valid driving license. 
5. Damage to tires, wheels, chassis or undercarriage of the car or glass breakage occurring during the term of the lease the car,not caused by fire or accident attested by the Protocol or accident of Police / Traffic Police/ . 
6. Refoulement by the Lessee of the registration certificate, keys and remote control, the policy of "civil liability" / jointly or severally / theft of the car from a third party. 
7. In case of loss, destruction or theft of the registration certificate,key, remote, sign of roadworthiness and license plate, the renter pays a fee according to Article 28. 
Article 26. It is strictly forbidden: the use of the vehicle for towing of other vehicles or trailers; participation in competitions, training, drills or tests; transportation by the vehicle of people, large, bulk and other cargo beyond the permissible by the vehicle manufacturer. Its management beyond national roads or roads not asphalted. 
Art. 27. Smoking and transportation of animals in the vehicle is absolutely and unconditionally prohibited. Ifestablished traces of smoke or transporting an animal renter paysfee of 50 Euros. 
Art. 28. The due compensation and damages by the Lessee aredetermined by an official price list locatedon the back of the delivery protocol. In casethe repair of the car is more expensive,because of the specific paint, make, model, higher grade or damage,which is not mentioned in this price list - the benefit is determined by an authorized office manager. In case of disagreement by the renter with the benefits, penalties or fees in the price list, he pays the damages to the vehicle,at cost formal service for the brand, the cost of roadside assistance or transportation to the workshop and back,rent for the days to repair  by official price list of the lessor and the corresponding administrative fee. 
Art. 29. Optionally, after additional payment by the tenant and enlisting it at thefirst page of the contract,is possible to provide the following services: 
1. Fee "Discharge". The insuranceis describedas "SCDW + TP". Itreleased renter from liability only if a protocol from the Police / Traffic Police/ is acknowledged, returningall documents and keys of the car,is not valid under influenceof alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances,or violationof other obligations of the renter of the General Terms and Conditions. It gives the following rights of the renter: 
(1) In case ofaccident, damage, fire or theft,on the territory of Bulgaria,renter will receive a replacement vehicle. 
(2) Upon accident, damage or fire on the territory of Bulgaria,transport costs and towing the damaged car,will be paid by the landlord. 
(3) Upon accident, damage, fire or theft the Lessee deposit will be refunded in full. 
2. Fee "Traveling abroad". The contract is celebrated as "tax Travelling abroad". Paid if the renter is willing to leave the territory of the country with the vehicle. In the given Power of Attorney the countries permited to visit,are enlisted accordingly along with the paid tax.
3. Fee "Additional driver". In the contract it is statedas "Additional driver". Entry fee of an additional driver in the contract. 
4. Fee "overtime" to hand overor return the vehicle in working hours or public holiday. The contract is marked as "Out of working time tax" - standard working hours from 09:00 am. To 18:00 pm. 
5. Fee "Winter tires". In the lease is statedas "Winter tires". Will bepaid by the renter between 01.Novemberto 31.Marcheach year,for cars that are equipped with winter tires. 
6. Fee "supply" or "retract" the car to the customer location. The contract is marked accordingly as "Delivery" or "Collection". 
7. Fee "additional insurance" ,“Tires and wheels "." In the contract is celebrated as "Additional Insurance (AI)" Tires and rims "". Itreleased renter from liability for damages on the tires or rims of the car only upon presentingof a report from the Police / Traffic Police/,return of all documents and keys of the car and is not valid if driving under influence, consuming alcohol, drugs, other intoxicating substances,managementofvehicle outside the national roads or roads not asphalted. 
Article 30. "Administrative fee" - paid in all cases of declared by the renter visit of accident or accident of his fault, and the processing of fine or slip on Traffic law. Amountsare indicated on the back of the delivery protocol.
Art. 31. "Administrative fee" amounting to 45 euros. Paid in all cases of accidents, theft, damage, accident or any incident concerning the vehicle, regardless of the reason for the event whether renter is guilty or not.
Art. 32. Buying a fee "Discharge" (29.1) does not exempt renter obligations and responsibilities under Section IV of the general conditions of the lease and does not cover partial loss, loss of parts or accessories, interior damageof thevehicle: upholstery, dashboard, seats, luggage and more. 
Art. 33. All amendments to the contract and all documents concerning its implementation are valid if made in writing and signed by authorized representatives of the parties. 
Art. 34. In disputes is valid wording of the contract and the general conditions of the Bulgarian language. Unresolved disputes between the parties voluntarily, willbe decided by the competent generic City Court.
Art. 35. For all issues and cases arising under the contract, the provisions of the current legislationapply. The contract is drawn up and signed in duplicate - one for each party. 
Integral part of it is the acceptance protocol.
Art. 36. By signing the contract,renter gives his explicit consent of the Lessor for the collection and processing of personal data and photocopy of passport, identity card, driving license and control stub,  according PDPA and makesthem available to third parties in connection with compliance and performance of Traffic lawand Commercial law. 

The contract was drawn up in two identical copies – one copy for each party. The Acceptance-Delivery Protocol represents integral part of it.


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