Today is Petlyovden!
Sunday, Feb 02, 2014
People notes Petlyovden - a celebration of the male rozhbi.Zimna Virgin Mary Valcea , Candlemas , with these names is known for February 2.
The celebration was established in the early centuries of Christianity. It is one of four holiday dedicated to the Mother of God . It coincides with the fortieth day of the birth of Jesus Christ, when Mary wears it in the Jerusalem temple.
That day does not work because the children will be born marked . Women do not touch sharp objects do not cut bread, floss or wood to be healthy children . Are kneaded bread and distributed in two houses . On who first come into the house to speculate what a child will be born first - male or female .
This day is celebrated by girls and baby boys . Boy from the house should kill cock on the verge of home. With his blood makes the sign at the entrance to the house and head zabuchva prominently by the door. Legs of rooster disposed on the roof of the house. Feathers are saved to Babu them women and to treat their children.
Slaughtered cock discarded ritual outside the court, then to go back and boil all . Boiled bird is dealt neighbors health of male children in the house. In some villages, slaughtering chickens for the health of female offspring .