The first governor of the island of St. Anastasia is Pavlin Dimitrov from Burgas.
Thursday, Feb 13, 2014
Left the reception, the manager of a restaurant, a hotel , a whole complex and the tour operator. He graduated from the College of Tourism in Burgas, and then continued his education in the IOM in Veliko Tarnovo.
"This is a great challenge and a chance to work for their city . I went as a small island , since I have memories. I am very glad that the site is now revived and is about to become a successful product. "Said Pavlin Dimitrov.
Extremely competitive candidates , most of them with extensive experience in turizma.Golyama of them are abandoned as understood under the salary 1000lv.predlagana of Bourgas Municipality
"Team player There 's a lot of interesting ideas that have yet to debate . This gave him the advantage over others. "Explained Merry Yordanova on the" Culture in the municipality . "
Turn Pavlin Dimitrov said that the development of the island are borrowed many ideas from similar places. Now to be prepared to the guest code to indicate what are the rights and obligations visitors. "The goal is to avoid any loud , noisy and polluting activities. Music will be restaurants with authentic musical instruments and will be placed on strong systems. Considering the idea of ​​creating and diving center around St. Anastasia , as there is good visibility in the water. "Said Dimitrov.
At a time Pavlin is the manager of a hotel in Bansko and the off-season to prepare for the new team island.