Merry Christmas!
Wednesday, Dec 25, 2013
Christian countries observe one of the biggest religious holidays - Christmas, celebrating the birth of the Son of God - Jesus Christ.
   From "CAR 1 " bright holiday congratulate our customers and wish them health and family atmosphere . Congratulations and Incoming
Christmas begins at midnight with the custom . It involved only men - bachelors , fiancés and younger soon married men who are called carol , koladnitsi , carol , Kolednitsi . From midnight to morning they visit the houses and sing Christmas carols with special wishes for health , happiness in the family and a rich harvest , and farmers give them carol buns , money and other foods.
Today ends the 40 -day Advent and the family table now includes meat and dairy dishes. Believers go to church, where a festive service. The holiday is also known as a great Christmas, Christmas , Bozic .
  Today, celebrating Christ Christo Radoslav Radoslav Radostina Radostin Bozidar , Emil , Emmanuel Christian , Renée Christiana , Christian , Christiana , Christina , Christina .
Christmas is celebrated three days - in the first big Christmas festive morning to go to church , and the table is not cleared the day. Popular belief suggests that the welfare of the square curves gracefully dance .
On the third day you celebrate Stefanovtsi in honor of St. Stephen Protomartyr Archdeacon .