Burgas as the most famous port cities in the world
Tuesday, Feb 18, 2014
The port of Burgas will take hundreds of yachts after the completion of the overall project for a Zone of public access. So the city will заприлича on some of the most famous port cities in the world.
In addition, the open Sea station is provided by the wear of the international yacht Marina with 400 seats, a Yacht club with a training base for the children who are engaged in marine sports and terminal for urban ferry and yacht 180 seats.
Required and the construction of a hotel complex, commercial buildings, office tower, international exhibition center, the scientific иследователски centre and attractions. 
All this must occur on the territory of the Port Burgas terminal East”, as the project area of 306 202 sq.m
Construction will be carried out on the territory of 580 hectares which will cover the area from the Port of Burgas, Burgas Railway junction and the Central part of the city.