8-9% decline in tourism compared to the forecast
Friday, Feb 14, 2014
It is connected not only with the lack of snow in the winter months, but for the Winter Olympic games in Сочи.Мнозина prefer to stay at home to watch the event. Lavrov p believes that, although the indicators are not a violation of stability in tourism year.
It is expected the big interest to балнеотуризма and rural tourism. In addition, do not expect a sharp decline in the number of tourists who will come in Bulgaria in 2014.
Chairman of the BOARD of the Bulgarian Association of tourist agencies of Svetlana Who noted that the unusually warm weather during the season has caused many of the hotels in the ski resorts to cut prices to attract tourists. According to him, the figures for winter tourism will have a negative sign.
Bulgaria has been actively used German medical personnel and those of the European Union, through which draws more visitors health tourism.
Tourism is able to create jobs and on the outskirts, in small cities,as not only the religious holidays and traditions attract tourists, but the contribution is there and festivals of modern pop and rock music.
In connection with the holding of between 13 and 15 February tourist exhibition Holiday & SPA Expo“ many municipalities have already sent their separate stands and use more innovative approaches to attract tourists. Municipalities already not дистанцирани, and are actively working under the programs of the European Union, mainly related to the ethnographic, young and culinary tourism.